Make a Fake Christmas Tree Look and Smell Real

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Make a Fake Christmas Tree Look and Smell Real

For many people, the Christmas tree is going to be one of the most important items that they will have during the holidays. This tree is going to be the main focal point in the home and it will be where gifts that have been wrapped with love will be strewn beneath. While some people will annually choose a real fir tree to decorate, others may choose to save time or the environment and use an artificial tree in its place. While choosing an artificial tree is perfectly acceptable, you will want to ensure that you are taking the steps to make it look as realistic as possible.

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    The first step is to find a tree that is going to have an authentic looking appearance to begin with.
    Ideally, you will want to select a tree that has short needles mixed in with the long ones. It is important to understand that in nature, you don’t have perfect lengths, and the best artificial trees are those that don’t focus on absolute precision. Keep in mind, that larger trees will also look more realistic in comparison to smaller ones.
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    Next, take your tree and begin to arrange the branches so that they appear fuller in the area away from the wall.
    This means adjusting the tips and branches in a manner that gives them a truly full look. Most artificial trees suffer because they have stiff blocks of branches that don’t look real.
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    The base of the tree will be your next area of concern, as this gives away the whole thing.
    You will want to ensure that branches are spread down, so they lawyer down along the fake trunk and so that they disguise the fake Christmas tree, so that even the most observant person doesn’t realize they are being duped.
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    Then add more depth and shadow to the tree, by having white lights that wrap along the interior trunk of the tree.
    The shadows and appearance will give the illusion that the tree is thicker and fuller. That will further distract from the fact that it is a fake tree. You will then want to wrap colorful lights around the edge of the tree branches to distract from the interior lights. Ideally, your multi colored lights will be about 75 lights, for every foot tall the tree is. That will make it seem like a warm and glowing tree.
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    Ornaments will be another important item to focus on.
    You need to ensure that any spaces or open areas have been hidden behind ornaments. It can be a good idea to use some of the larger bulbs to hide these areas, and remember that you should be placing your ornaments on the ends of the branches, as this will help to further create an authentic looking tree.
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    To achieve the fresh pine scent that people will be expecting, you can use Christmas tree spray that is designed for artificial trees, light some pine scented candles or find some pine diffusers and strategically place them in the room.
    If you want to get really creative, you can take some clippings from pine trees and set them inside the tree a few hours before you have guests over, so the scent can fill the room. Just make sure that you remove them after the event to avoid a fire hazard.
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